How to Avoid Late Night Trouble with your C.A.

College years are some of the best years.  We party nonstop, we stay up all hours of the night and we just live life wild and carefree. There are no parents to tell you when to clean your room, when to take a shower or when to wash your clothes; all of these things are great and this amount of freedom is completely liberating, but beware of the CA (community assistant); the person that’s paid top dollar to put a cramp in your style. Don’t worry though here are five easy tips to make sure you stay out of the line of fire that comes from your CA.

  1. If you plan on coming back completely trashed, that’s fine, but for all of those freshman make sure it’s after 2 a.m., because the CA is officially off of desk shift. This way you avoid being spotted.
  2. If you feel like you have to throw up, DON’T do it in the bathroom, because you wouldn’t want to risk a CA hearing you. Just do it in a trashcan in your room, and handle the vomit smell in the morning.
  3. Its totally against school rules because we are a “dry campus,” but if you are going to keep alcohol in your room, avoid keeping your door open, because you never know when a CA could be walking by or if one decides to just pop in for a visit. So keep that door shut and take advantage of that peephole.
  4. Never ever get locked out of your room, you want to be as invisible to your CA as possible. Because once they let you in your room they have to come in your room too.
  5. Know your CA’s schedule; know where they are at all times so that you know when and when not to be around.

If you follow these five easy steps your college years should remain un-cramped and carefree, well at least the social aspect of it.

Harper J