That’s right – Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are now engaged after only six months of dating. The couple was not the first to share the news, though: word of their engagement was accidentally voiced by T-Pain in an interview with Vulture:

V: Will FKA Twigs be on your new album?

T: Well, the first time we even met each other, we met in the studio. Her music’s changed a lot since then. But she’s on tour so much, and anytime I call her, she’s in a different place. And she’s engaged now, so that’s about to be a whole other thing.”

Oops! T-Pain later took to Twitter, calling his slip an April Fool’s joke, but he was lying – the news is out, and Pattinson couldn’t be more happy to be with Twigs, a singer/songwriter and dancer.

The happy couple.


Apparently, his family was excited to hear the news, too – especially since he’s not engaged to former girlfriend and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart! An insider told Hollwood Life,

“Robert’s family is very supportive of his engagement to Twigs. They think she’s great for him, and are happy that it wasn’t Kristen in the end because they didn’t have the same feeling for her they have for Twigs… Twigs is far more open and easy to get on with. ” And what about Stewart? Is she stressing out about this news? According to E! Online, she’s indifferent. One source said,

“There isn’t hostility but she has moved on and is in a really great place right now.”

Another E insider added, “This has been one of the better times for her personally, she is just doing her own thing.” Back in March, PEOPLE spotted the couple sporting promise rings. They are apparently “smitten” with each other, and it’s looking to be a gorgeous relationship ahead for the couple.

Twigs shares the spotlight with Pattinson, having just dropped her debut album LP1 last August on Young Turks. She collaborated with several well-known producers and received critical acclaim for her effort. You can listen to the album here: