Before Break:  Thousands of anxious Bloomsburg students were all bright eyed late Friday night Nov. 21 just days before the Thanksgiving break.  Many students were ready to go home in the upcoming days to break bread and share time with their families. Thanksgiving break seems to be the most anticipated and needed break among students, giving them some relaxation time before the approach of finals.

Yet, with holiday break also came some bad nerves for students, as a result of last minute exams and projects that needed to be completed before going home to carve the turkey. Kiana Payton, a sophomore biology major at Bloomsburg, anticipated going home but had to face three tests before she could. Many students were also very overwhelmed with projects assigned last minute by teachers and demanding tests and pop quizzes.

“I can’t wait to go home because I miss my friends and family. There is just so much work that I have to get done before I can leave; it’s kind of frustrating and overwhelming! Yet, it will be bittersweet to go home for break, because when we come back here it’s finals week, and the work is never ending.”

After classes were through Tuesday, Nov. 25, students ran to their rooms to pack and head off to cars so they could proceed home for break. College students worldwide were all smiles as they lounged around at home for about a week without any early classes to attend or projects to deliver. Vanessa Wafula, a student at Temple University said, “I’m glad to get a little time to spend at home with my family. I needed a couple days before finals to get my thoughts together and spirits up. Thanksgiving break is even more exciting because when we go back to school, I know Christmas is only days away!”

This break gave many students an opportunity to catch up on their social lives, studying for finals, and a period to relax.

Post Break:  When Bloomsburg students returned from Thanksgiving break, there were mixed feelings about being back. Many students were ready to return so that they could complete their finals and proceed home again for Christmas break in December. Yet, others weren’t as proactive to begin studying for finals and would rather be spending their time doing other things.

Dontay Holland, a sophomore at Bloomsburg University expressed his feelings on the fast approaching week of finals. “I’m kind of anxious about taking them because they are all cumulative. I don’t understand how professors expect us to remember everything from start to finish. It’s going to be a stressful two weeks, but I’m ready to get done so I can have Christmas break.”

Thoughts about returning seemed to be more positive for graduating Fall 2008 seniors. Megan Bennet, a senior at West Chester University is less stressed about finals because she already has been assured that she will be receiving her diploma in the upcoming weeks. “I remember being so stressed my freshman year of college because I partied too much and needed to do well on all of my finals. Now that I am about to complete my college career, I’m not as worried about tests, and I am looking forward to pursuing my career.”

The word “Finals” seems to send a shiver up the spine of students at all colleges and universities because of the stress they bring with them, giving students only a limited amount of time to study an extensive amount of material.

Despite the different opinions about being back in town, every student was anxious to finish the fall semester off strong and is hoped for a good reflection of their hard work come December when they received their grades. Hopefully, all students did their best to stay stress free for the remainder of the semester.