Writing Article

1. After you login, you should see a link that says “Site Admin” on the right-middle side, where the “login” link was. Click it.

2. You’ll be taken to the Dashboard; find the “Posts” menu on the left, near the top. Under the word “Posts,” you should see the choices “Edit,” “Add New,” “Tags,” and “Categories.”  If you don’t see these words, then click on the triangle next to “Posts” and they should appear.

3. Click on the words “Add New.”  You should be taken to a page with a rectanglular text box near the top for your headline, and a larger text box for your article, pictures, videos, or what have you.

4. After you’re finished, save the article and click “Submit for Review.” One of our editors will look over the article and check mostly for spelling and grammar corrections.  Once your article is published, it will appear live on the home page as one of the newest stories…maybe even as a headline story. Keep checking!