Uploading Video

To begin, you’ll need a Vimeo account. They are free and the quality is superior to that of youtube, veoh, and other popular video uploading sites. You can sign up by clicking the orange button at the top of the home page. After logging in, you’ll see a tab bar at the top. Click “Upload” then “Upload Your Video.” The video will immediately start uploading. During this time, it is crucial that you do not close the window until it finishes. While it’s uploading, you can edit the title and description. Next, click “Save All Changes” then “Go to Video.” It may take anywhere between five to 60 minutes to upload depending on your Internet connection speed and the size of the video file. After uploading, it may take another five to 60 minutes to convert depending on the website’s user-load at that time. It will display a timer for the conversion process and will show the video in that square once it’s been converted.

Now bring up BU Now

1. First, follow the directions to access your account.  These directions can be found under the BU Now Help Tab.

2. Next, click on the “Site Admin” tab on the right-hand side of the home page, right near the log-in button.

3. Now you’re at the Dashboard. Look for the “Posts” tab on the left-hand side, near the top.  You should see the options “Edit,” “Add New,” “Tags,” and “Categories” underneath. If you do not, click on the triangle beside “Posts” and they should appear.  Now click on “Add New.”

4. After your video is uploaded and converted on Vimeo, hold your mouse over it until you get the small pop-up thing with a button that says “Embed.” Click it, then copy the HTML coding it displays.

5. Go to your WordPress article and make sure you are in HTML editing mode (tab at the top of the text box). Paste the code where you want the video to appear. Switch back to Visual mode.

6. After you’re finished, save the article and click “Submit for Review.” One of our editors will look over the article and check mostly for spelling and grammar corrections.  Once your article is published, it will appear live on the home page as one of the newest stories…maybe even as a headline story. Keep checking!