To make the articles more attractive on the home page, thus more likely someone will choose to read your article, you can add a small thumbnail image to the left of the text. 

1. First, follow the directions to access your account.  These directions can be found under the BU Now Help Tab.

2. Next, click on the “Site Admin” tab on the right-hand side of the home page, right near the log-in button.

3. Now you’re at the Dashboard. Look for the “Posts” tab on the left-hand side, near the top.  You should see the options “Edit,” “Add New,” “Tags,” and “Categories” underneath. If you do not, click on the triangle beside “Posts” and they should appear.  Now click on “Add New.”

4. In the center of the screen, you should see an empty text box for the content you want to post.  Write your article there.  Please see directions under “Writing Article,” found under “BU Now Help.”

5. Look above the box you just typed your article in.  To the left, you’ll read the words Upload/Insert.  The first icon to the right of that is a grey rectangle over a white rectangle.  When you pause your mouse over it, the words “Add an Image” appear.  Click it.  You can upload an image from there.

6. Once the image is uploaded, look for where it says “Link URL” and find the part that starts with wp-content.  Including that, copy everything to the right of it. Your link should look something like wp-content/uploads/2008/…. Exit or save out of that box.  Only click “Insert into Post” if you also want this image inserted into the article.  If this is the case, please be sure to include the photo credit (what site you got the image from, or who took the photo) in the caption.

7. Now, down by the Excerpt option, you’ll see one that says Custom Fields. Open it and for the key, enter “Image” (without the quotes, and be sure it is capitalized). In the value box, paste the wp-content link, then click Add Custom Field. The image will be visible when the article is published.

8. After you’re finished, save the article and click “Submit for Review.” One of our editors will look over the article and check mostly for spelling and grammar corrections.  Once your article is published, it will appear live on the home page as one of the newest stories…maybe even as a headline story. Keep checking!