For Editors

1. Every article should be reviewed by an editor before the article is published.  Editors should have other editors review their material before being published.

2. Editors should shoot for publishing two articles a week which pertain to their own beat.

2.       If not sure about punctuation, structure, spelling, etc. – DOUBLE CHECK!  Use the spell check on the site, or another source.

4. BU Now is now striving to conform to AP style.

5. If an article is submitted without a title, picture, video, or other multi-media, the editor should either contact the writer to provide something to accommodate the article, or the editor can find/make it themselves.

6.       If a press release is used, the information desk MUST be credited.  (Preferably, the press release should be significantly changed, re-written, and quotes inserted, in which case, the information desk does NOT have to be credited.)

7.       OPINION PIECES – the “Opinion” box should be marked!

·   UNLESS it is an opinion piece, the article SHOULD BE UNBIASED!

·   If there is an opinion piece posted, within the next couple of days we’d like to see a counter piece.

8.       HEADLINES – Make sure there is an action word in there and that all important words are capitalized.

9.    COPYRIGHTS – All photos should include photo credits in the caption. This means that the website from which the photo was pulled should be inserted, or the name of the person who took the photo should be inserted into the caption.

10. A piece may be rejected for publication if:

– The content is excessively obscene or offensive.  A piece with some adult material may posted with a warning to readers.  For the most part, however, BU Now will be treated as a site for adult readers.

– It is poorly written, and beyond the hope of revision by an editor.

– It is irrelevant to Bloomsburg University, the community, or the surrounding area.

– It is not well supported by research our sources.