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BUnow Help FAQs:

What is BUnow Help?

BUnow Help is run and operated by the current website designer to notify staff, writers, and readers when issues are ongoing on our site. If you are experiencing issues, please report to our HELP FORM.

What is BUnow Maintenance?

At times, we may have to update plugins, extensions, and more to ensure a smooth, website experience for our writers and our readers. We will notify you of all our maintenance schedules here on our HELP PAGE and our TWITTER HELP PAGE.

I am in need of a writer’s account. How do I authorize it?

Please email: Dr. Richard Ganahl (Advisor/Founder: BUnow) at rganahl@bloomu.edu or Eliza Nevis ( Editor-in-Chief: BUnow) at evn69057@huskies.bloomu.edu to request an account with BUnow. Then, our website designer Jacob Eiden will activate your account. Please email him at jge56349@huskies.bloomu.edu if your account does not work after activation.

I am not a Bloomsburg University student. Can I still create an account?

If you are not a university student and you would like to register with BUnow so that you can post comments, simply go here and fill out the information. You will receive an email with your login information. You can then use your login information to login here and make a post or make a comment.

How do I upload pictures to BUnow.com?

Uploading photos to BUnow has never been easier. To upload pictures with Bunow use our easy to use guide that explains the whole process.

Is there a checklist to make sure I covered all the basics of publishing my article?

You’ve just written an awesome article, received your edits from the editors and can now post your work to WordPress. We know that you’re so tempted to hit that “Submit for Review” button, but before you do, let’s make sure you’ve covered all of your bases. Please check the Writer’s Checklist to learn more.

How do I contact BUnow Help?

Tweet at us on Twitter @BUnowHelp, send us an email at bunowhelp@outlook.com or report to our help form.

Is there a FAQs page coming to have general info about BUnow?

Yes! More info soon.

More info and features on our help page will come soon. This is just the general info to help our staff, writers, and readers understand where we stand with our website and other BUnow affiliated features.