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Why people are seeking a “Dorito Bod” 

“Dorito Bods” are definitely not what you think. This is a play on words, and may be thinking in the wrong direction. Achieving a “dorito bod” is not about eating a lot of the tasty corn chip snack, but actually exercising and achieving a triangular physique. 

A “Dorito body” is a slang term used to describe a physique with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, resembling the shape of a Dorito chip. This triangular body type is often associated with a fit and muscular physique. 

Another way to describe this fitness goal is that it is a “V-shaped body” which many people are working toward. A skinny waist, along with defined laterals and shoulders, is a trending fitness goal for men and women. 

Many women have grown accustomed to the idea of “snatching their waists” and building their upper bodies to have an hour-glass figure. While men want to take the approach of having defined biceps, triceps, and chest. Overall, fitness and physical appearance is most definitely trending.

But, why do people want them? People desire a “dorito body” because it is associated with physical fitness, strength, and attractiveness nowadays. This idealism also stems from the societal pressure and media influence, which often promote certain body ideals as a standard to be good-looking.

To achieve a “Dorito body” or a V-shaped physique, you can focus on exercises that target your shoulders, upper back, and core muscles.

Here are some key workouts that can help:

1. Shoulder exercises: Overhead press, lateral raises, front raises, bent-over lateral raises.

2. Back exercises: Pull-ups, rows (cable rows, barbell rows, dumbbell rows, etc.), lat pulldowns, deadlifts.

3. Core exercises: Planks, Russian twists, hanging leg raises, cable crunches.

4. Overall strength training: Incorporate compound exercises like squats and bench presses to build overall muscle mass.

There are definitely a wider range of exercises beyond the list shown. Remember to maintain proper form, gradually increase weights, and allow for adequate rest and recovery between workouts.

It’s also important to focus on proper nutrition and a balanced diet to support muscle growth and health.