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Hate Group Comes to Campus

The Key of David Christian Center came to Bloomsburg to demonstrate. The group would attack Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Gingers, Women, and Trans people, using multiple slurs to describe each group.

The area in front of the Student Services Center was cordoned off for the demonstrators. Both uniformed and plainclothes police were there to manage the crowd and protect the demonstrators. Numerous counter-protesters gathered to oppose the demonstrators.

The protesters responded to the speaker’s hate rhetoric with calls for love and inclusiveness. Numerous protesters wore LGBTQIA+ flags. To block out the discourse, local sororities brought speakers.

Nonetheless, there were a few students who supported the event as well. One of the students stated they approved of the message but disagreed with its presentation.

Students gather to oppose the demonstrators.

Bloomsburg University can not prevent the demonstrators from coming and speaking as it is a “freedom of speech activity.” Bloomsburg is a public university meaning it has to allow it.

However, the University did not alert staff members, as confirmed by numerous staff members in multiple departments across campus.

Nor were students alerted to this visit beforehand. This lack of warning raises a question of the dedication of Bloomsburg University to creating a safe environment for its students, If they do not alert staff and students of the demonstration.



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