gwen rossdale splitGwen Stefani has been making headlines recently more than ever before (well, since she wasn’t “no Hollaback girl”) with her new music and spot judging on the hit show, The Voice. However, what is catching everyone’s attention most recently is the cheating scandal surrounding her and soon-to be ex-hubby, Gavin Rossdale’s divorce.

The seemingly happy couple, who were married for 13 years, filed for divorce in August. The couple met while Rossdale’s band, Bush, was on tour the same time Stefani was touring with No Doubt. The pair fell in love and wed in 2002. But 13 years and a supposedly unfaithful husband later, the pair ultimately called it quits. Allegedly, Rossdale had been having an affair with the family’s nanny, Mindy Mann. Pictures have been popping up all over the internet alleging the nanny wanted more than just Stefani’s arm candy, but her look as well. Can you say creepy?nanny copycat

Despite the scandal, Stefani is not letting her cheating husband or her fluke of a nanny get her down. She has kept quiet about the divorce and is keeping busy with her career and raising her three sons, Kington (9), Zuma (6), and baby Apollo (1). Stefani seems to be focused on herself and her career, as she has been tweeting about her upcoming American Music Awards performance and of course, The Voice.

the voiceNot only are her three little boys and her career keeping her busy, but a country boy we know and love has been keeping her attention as well. Blake Shelton, another judge on The Voice, and Stefani are involved in quite the budding romance. While rumors were swirling around for a while, their relationship was confirmed shortly after Halloween, when they were spotted holding hands and hitting parties together. Shortly after the confirmation of couple status, the two reportedly began flirting on The Voice, no longer keeping their feelings a secret.

gwen 2Of course, as comes with celebrity status, the rumors quickly started up about about Stefani and Shelton including one that said they were having a baby. The two held their heads high and took the rumors like good sports—certainly they’re used to this by now. Shelton’s twitter feed is filled with witty responses to tweets about crazy rumors, including one claiming he was pregnant (huh?), and Stefani’s is filled with promotions for The Voice and her line of Harajuku Lovers for Pets at Petco. While we feel for Stefani in this tough time, it’s hard to not be a little envious of her new man. We’re glad to see she’s doing just fine without her cheating husband. Best wishes to Rossdale and the nanny trying to be Gwen 2.0. (A copy is nothing to the original, am I right?)