Getting ready for the last debate; Watch SNL’s recap of the previous debate

Following the first debate between Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, Saturday Night Live created their own recap. The skit was the “First Debate Cold Open” of the 2020 election. Beck Bennett took on the role of Chris Wallace who moderated the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Alec Baldwin took on the role of republican candidate and current president, Donald Trump. Jim Carrey tackled the role of democratic candidate, Joe Biden.  

The skit made the debate more entertaining than it already was. Donald Trump was known for interrupting and bashing Biden constantly. Biden was driven to the point of telling Trump to “shut up.” The moderator had lost control and the debate was an absolute embarrassment.  

The skit starts out with Chris Wallace (Beck Beckett) introducing the debate itself and the candidates. First, the Republican candidate is introduced to the stage. Donald Trump gets to the podium and immediately starts to comment poorly on the other candidate before he’s even introduced. The moderator attempts to announce Republican candidate, Joe Biden, but Trump interrupts and attempts to get out every last word. 

Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) arrives at center stage with that classic huge smile of his and a pair of silver aviators on. He squats down and uses his hands like a gun, shooting at the crowd. He blows the “smoke” away with a smile. The comedy within this debate spoof is very even between sides. There is no favoring detected left nor right. Jokes point to Biden “having dementia,” social distancing, anger issues, and more. Jokes point to Donald Trump by exaggerating his interrupting.  

One example from the skit is when the debate is about to start on the first topic, the Supreme Court.  

Moderator: “President Trump, 2 minutes.” 

Trump: “I’m gonna do 10.”  

Trump: “I’d like to begin with a list of complaints: People are mean to me, Joe here is every mean, Chris Wallace is mean, the economy is mean to keep losing jobs which is mean to me. The China virus has been very mean to mean to me by being a hoax.” 

Trump is targeted for his interruptive “no-filter” type of speech and his unrealistic opinions on certain topics. Biden is targeted as weak and a coward. The moderator is seen as lacking control over his candidates.  SNL entertains a lot of people with this interpretation. One comment says “Too realistic…” The video can be watched above. It has over 27,000,000 views on YouTube and was posted on Oct. 4, 2020. There are 517k likes and 71k dislikes.

Watch this as you settle down and get ready for the next debate today at 9:00-10:30 p.m. ET. Will it run smoother than the previous debate or be worse? Find out tonight!