We’ve all had those coworkers that we can’t seem to keep our eyes off of.  It could be the bartender, the cashier, the server or the person who has the office next to you.  Either way we’ve all crushed on someone at work, but what happens when the crushing leads to more?  What happens when you grab drinks with that coworker and things end up getting a little dirty? Well, here are a few things that could happen:





1.)    The Awkward Next Day

So, now you’ve hooked up with this coworker, what happens at your actual work place?  Here’s what happens: everything is awkward! The two of you will probably smile at each other but won’t say much.  You’ll end up being near each other a lot but not on purpose.  The boss will somehow make you work on a project together.  Trust me; you will not be able to avoid this.  If you try to, then it makes your life a lot harder.

2.)    They Pretend Nothing Happened

I know this actually sounds awful, but it does happen.  The two of you were probably out drinking and drank a little too much.  I don’t think I need to explain what happened from there.  So, the next morning one of you ends up leaving without saying goodbye.  And when both of you see each other at work, someone pretends nothing happened.  It’s almost like the drinking caused them to forget that they woke up next to you in the morning.

3.)    They Tell Everyone

You know that saying “what happens in the bedroom stay in the bedroom”?  Well, that may not apply to sex with your coworker.  You see, everyone at work ends up being friends and when one friend knows something, they all know.  So now that you’ve actually slept with a coworker, be prepared to go in and have everyone know about your rendezvous.
4.)    Things Actually Work Out

I know that sounds weird, but occasionally it does happen.  The two of you might actually have had a connection, and dating that person might surprisingly work out really well. You end up having a lot in common with people that you work with, which makes sense since the both of you picked the same job.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a million other ways this whole thing could go, but those are a few of the common ones.  So, the advice I can give you on this whole work place romance is…do what you think will make you happy. But remember, you do still have to work with this person.