Get Up, Get Out, And Get Active

Ever find yourself sitting around bored wishing there was more to do? Here’s your solution!

At first glance, Bloomsburg may seem like a town you would pass over without a second look, but once you enter this quaint little town, you will see it has so much to offer. In the town of Bloomsburg alone, a plethora of activities are offered to both students and townspeople. It is time for everyone to see what Bloomsburg really has to give, so get up, get out, and get active.

The greatest way to get active in Bloomsburg, firstly, is to just explore. The town of Bloomsburg has so many great running and biking trails located along the Susquehanna River for an amazing scenic landscape. When discussing the local trails student Nora Foley states, “I love to run! So I went looking for places to do so around Bloomsburg, and now I can safely say that I have found my spot!” Foley was talking about a place the students call Bloomsburg Beach. Before the flood students would travel down Irondale Road to go tubing in the Susquehanna, but now it is still a great walking/running path that maintains a good amount of foot traffic. She also spoke about hiking and replied, “Not to mention incredible places to hike, and I’m not talking about the walk up to campus.”

Other great ways to stay active and adventurous would be to check out the classes at the Rec!  Now, this may seem pretty boring thing to just run on a treadmill, but the Rec offers so much more than that. Dashira Gerao is an avid “gym go-er” and loves the classes the Rec offers. She states, “The zumba classes are definitely my favorite. They get me up and dancing. It’s a great way to get a good workout and because it is so much fun, you don’t even realize your sculpting muscles.”

Activities to join on campus are endless, but one thing people do not touch on so much are the things surrounding the University and the town. As a freshman I wanted to explore when I arrived here, so my friends and I went on many adventures; the first being a trip to Knoebels theme park. This amusement park is super fun and dirt-cheap. Each ride is roughly 25 cents. So we rode the rides until we puked and it was awesome! Another great place to travel to is Ricketts Glen. This state park is home to some amazing scenic views and over twenty-four waterfalls. This place is beautiful and a great place to clear one’s head and let nature do the healing.

As shown, Bloomsburg is not what it seems. On the outside people might say that this po-dunk town has nothing to offer, but once you dig past the surface it is clear to see that this town is the exact opposite of boring.