Many college students deal with a serious addiction.  A mixture of procrastination and anxiety leads you right to a simple escape: internet video games.  Don’t be ashamed, instead, get involved!  Learning complex theories, math, sciences, and economics won’t be needed here. Neither will you need to know how to communicate your ideas through writing or speaking.  Bloomsburg University teaches students how to make a positive impact in the world around them, and now you can create one in your free time with much less effort.  Check out the following online games to donate money to charities around the world without spending a dime of your own money, or even getting dressed in the morning.

Facebook’s Wetopia:

Thanks to entertainment team Sojo Studios, an addiction to Facebook gaming could better the lives of many.  Players earn a currency, “joy”, which can be applied to solve real-world problems.  The founders of Wetopia have teamed up with many charities, such as Save the Children, buildOn, and Children’s Health Fund, all of which are working together to provide children food, healthcare, education, and other assistive programs they need.

As an example, if a player in the game buys a pair of glasses a child may receive a new pair.  If a tree is planted in the game, a school somewhere may plant one.  Players have a say in which organization they would like to help, and can follow the progress with pictures, videos, in-game messages and/or through the organization’s Facebook page.

It’s completely free to play, and projects have already begun to take place.  Examples include the construction of a school in Haiti, along with distribution of meals and medicine to children in the country, and support of a summer literacy program in Kentucky.  All that is needed to start is to open an account with the game like other Facebook games.

Free Rice:

Another game to help serve the greater good would be found at  Correctly define a word and 10 grains of rice will be donated to United Nations World Food Program.  This game is perfect for a break from that english essay, enriching your vocabulary and feeding the hungry all at the same time.



Need Variety?

Take a look at the site  Players not only have a long list of games to choose from, but also which charities they would like to support by playing.  Some games offered include: Solitaire, Gems Swap, Crazy Taxi, Snakes Classic, and many more.



The Charities Include:

-Endometriosis Foundation of America

-Ronald McDonald House Charities

-The Animal Rescue Site

-The Breast Cancer Site

-Junior Achievement Hudson Valley

and both United Way and Unicef will soon be added to the list.