Digital display of ‘not yours — get uncomfortable’

This one came over me in a wave. The idea crashed on me and I just could not stop thinking about it and itching each day I wasn’t in the studio to get back in and continue the progress on it. Working with fibers made for this area of focus, around female energy and embracing the femininity, absolutely perfect and helped it to fall into place in the way I pictured it to.

The misogyny in our media, society and overall population of people has seeped into every corner, making its way to infest everything. Every way of thinking, doing and acting. Even in the smallest and unintentional ways, gender bias and an imbalanced system have a tricky way of manifesting into several shapes and sizes.

Simply just showing up as female (or female-identifying) is an act of resilience. It is not “dramatic.” It is not “hysterical.” it is not “over-emotional,” or any other derogatory statements that are made towards passionate female bodies. There are endless amounts of reasonings as to why females deserve their place and the fact that we have to continuously make these types of claims to “prove it” is just one of the many ways that the patriarchy stands in the way of so much more that women can accomplish.

Females are more than their bodies. It is simply the vessel that holds the souls, intelligence, passions and beauty that is ingrained differently within each of us.


Not yours.

{details: quilted and dyed canvas, silkscreen texture, felted ovaries and tampon, string, dyed pink fabric with ink writing, lace, plastic bag used as transparency}