Like many, I binge watched the anticipated Fuller House when it came out Feb. 26, and was finished with all 14 episodes by the next afternoon. While many claim, “You just can’t remake a classic,” and that it’s, “Just not the same,” I happened to love it.cast of fh


Of course, I was devastated about the lack of Michelle Tanner, but the references and jabs made at the Olson twins were hysterical. The Fuller House writers really had no chill. Also, seeing the whole cast together again (besides the Olsen twins) left me with a warm feeling. But, I would have liked to see more of Danny Tanner. The show had a sprinkling of Joey, Jesse, Aunt Becky, and Danny with the main focus on DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, and their lives.yu got it dude

But, I guess that was the point of the show. Of course, there would be no Fuller House without everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse, Joey, and Danny; but this is the next generation of the Tanner crew. The show’s focus is about how the kids of the show have grown up and are now living out their own Full House lives.

steph and jesseDJ is a veterinarian and widowed, like Danny, and has three boys, similar to the three sister family of Full House. She takes the role as head of the house, but knows she needs help to take care of her family. So, Stephanie, the world travelling DJ, settled down for a while to help out. She’s the wild aunt, growing up a little herself as she helps raise her nephews (like the Uncle Jesse of Full House). And, of course, Kimmy Gibbler returned to Fuller House with all her Gibbler-ness taking our beloved Joey’s spot.

kimmy gibblerKimmy is an outrageous party planner and has a daughter who is exactly what we would imagine a Kimmy Gibbler offspring to be. DJ’s boys are adorable and funny. The kids’ ages are quite similar to the age differences she, Stephanie, and Michelle had when Full House started. Her middle son is a clean freak, like Grandpa Danny. It’s fun to see how the girls’ families and lives compare to theirs on Full House.

Steve returned as well, but he’s creepy now; unlike the sweet Steve we knew back when he and DJ were high school sweethearts. He is still always hungry though, yet more hungry for DJ’s heart. While he’s pining for DJ’s heart, there’s also another veterinarian who works with DJ and is also seeking her love. This guy is quite a hottie and very fun and different. I personally want DJ to end up with him, but Steve may stand a chance.guys of fh

The show’s first season had plenty of laughs, heartwarming family moments, and a few tearjerkers. The finale leaves us at a cliffhanger, which everyone knows is the worst. But, behold, the show has been approved for a second season so our hearts can continue to be filled with Tanner family fun, life lessons, and laughs.

I was definitely a fan of the show and will probably watch the first season a few more times before the second season got it dude