From Reality to Interplanetary: Kim Kardashian to Play Alien Role on American Dad

Kim Kardashia has been confirmed as a special guest voice-over on the hit animated series, American Dad.


Kim Kardshian has been confirmed as one of several stars making voice cameos on the hit animated series, American Dad. It comes as no surprise that her character will be beamed down from the stars as a new alien love interest for Roger, the outrageous alien member of the Smith Family. After her spaceship lands in Langley Falls, Rodger and Kardashian find themselves in a deep relationship that has the potential to compete with Roger’s other great love, himself.

This is not the first time Kardashian has stepped away from the reality TV screen. She has also booked gigs with shows like Drop Dead Diva, 30 Rock, Beyond the Break, and CSI: NY. In addition to her extraterrestrial role, Kim is also working on her E! series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

American Dad premiered in its ninth season on Sept. 29 on Fox. While Kim’s  grand guest appearance is not likely to happen until later in the season, she is just one of several big name celebs joining the Smiths this season. Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde, Alison Brie and Stanley Tucci have all been booked for appearances as well.