For many early morning voters, it is difficult to eat breakfast, get to their polling place, cast their votes, and make it to work on time.  That is where the voters’ bake table can come in handy. 

Ask Joe and Sandy Young of Harrisburg, PA. They set up a bake table every year at their polling sites during local elections and presidential elections.  They make a variety of baked goods as well as soups, coffee, hot chocolate, and hotdogs to satisfy hungry voters. 

“We are almost clean out of everything and it isn’t even 11:30 yet,” says Sandy.  “We got here and had everything set up by 7am when the first voters were arriving and they’ve almost cleaned us out already.” 

Joe and Sandy say they would get more food throughout the day, and stay well into the night until after the last voters leave. 

“If you want a good voter turnout it’s good to have some good food to go along with it. Especially with this election we are seeing a high voter turnout so people are going to be waiting awhile in line,” explains Young. 

As I placed my vote this morning I was greeted with cookies and apple juice from members of BU Now and it seemed to be a big hit with many students.