Voters awaitinig their turn in line

Voters awaiting their turn in line

As Election Day rapidly approached, many anxiously waited to place their vote in one of the biggest U.S. Presidential elections in U.S. history.

Historically, this election could make many “firsts.”

It is the first time that both presidential nominees running are current senators. Democratic Senator, Barack Obama, could be the first African American president. Republican Senator, John McCain, may be the oldest first term president and vice-president running mate, Sarah Palin, could be the first woman to hold a position as vice president.

Along with many “first time” events happening within this year’s election, this huge year also has brought forth an astounding number of young, first time voters.

New York student, Dadiah Alexis, 20, will be a first time voter today.

“A lot of my friends and I have never registered to vote before,” said Alexis. “Once we saw how important this was and the stress made to go out and vote, we all rushed out to register together.”

After helping campaign for Barack Obama, Alexis took pride in her right to vote.

“This is the first election I could vote in since I turned 18,” said Alexis. “I actually paid a lot more attention to what was going on with both Obama and McCain. It makes me feel special. My vote could make a difference”

Using the internet to reach more voters and supporters, Obama and McCain have set up pages on Facebook. As of Monday, November 3rd, the popular social networking site, had 2,436,068 supporters for Obama and McCain had 626,195 supporters.

Facebook has recently been used as an outlet where many students go to retrieve campaign information. Others have recently used their profile to express just exactly how excited and anxious they are for this year’s election. Whether it was joining various groups, placing pictures of the senators as their profile pictures, or even writing a short statement in their profile status’, many have shown a great appreciation in their ability to be a part of something life changing.

Many will be glued to their television sets awaiting the announcement of the new President of the United States.

Tonight, history will be made regardless of who wins.