First NFL post-season with extra teams begins tomorrow

The 2021 NFL playoffs start tomorrow on Saturday, Jan. 9, implementing the first ever set of extra games to be played.

There will be a total of 14 teams playing for the Lombardi Trophy this year instead of the usual 12. This change was confirmed to be added to the season in the month of March, just one month after the ’19-’20 season ended.

This change allowed all teams who won their division, no matter the record, a spot in the 2021 post-season. The Washington Football Team (7-9) will be competing in the playoffs since winning the NFC East. Many fans look forward to watching an extra playoff game, but do not necessarily agree with this new system. Fans have been on record agreeing that a below .500 team (Washington Football Team) should not make the playoffs for just winning their division. For example, the Miami Dolphins finished second in the AFC East with a record of 10-6, and were still eliminated from the post-season.

Although fans have not taken a liking to the new system, the games for this upcoming weekend are as follows:

Saturday, Jan. 9: Indianapolis Colts (11-5) VS Buffalo Bills (13-3) 1:05 p.m.; LA Rams (10-6) VS Seattle Seahawks (12-4) 4:40 p.m.; Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) VS Washington Football Team (7-9) 8:15 p.m.

Sunday, January 10th: Baltimore Ravens (11-5) VS Tennessee Titans (11-5) 1:05 p.m.; Chicago Bears (8-8) VS New Orleans Saints (12-4) 4:40 p.m.; Cleveland Browns (11-5) VS Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) 8:15 p.m.