Six Ways to Save on Driving

Editor’s note: This year-long series about financial literacy is sponsored by PSECU.

When you buy a new (or new-to-you) car, you’re committing to more than just the monthly payments you’ve taken on. In addition to your car loan, you’ll need to manage expenses like insurance, fuel, maintenance and more.

Don’t let all these extra costs get you down. For every expense, there’s a way to save. Check out our tips for getting your car on the road for less.

1. Take a Driving Course

You may think classes are only for first-time drivers. However, many insurers offer discounts for customers who have completed an approved defensive driving course. How much you can save may vary based on your state, insurance company and other factors, such as age, but a few quick phone calls to learn more could result in big savings.

2. Explore Group Discounts

Some insurance companies reduce your car insurance premium if you’re a member of an affiliated group, like an alumni association. Check out the benefits of any memberships you hold to see if there are opportunities for you to save.

3. Take Care of Your Car

Getting oil changes and performing routine maintenance on your car will help keep it running well. Spending a little bit here and there to take care of it can prevent major (expensive) problems down the road. Even little things, like keeping your tires properly inflated, can save money.

4. Consider a Roadside Service Membership

Hopefully, you won’t have any issues once you get your car on the road. But sometimes even when we take good care of our cars, we’re not so lucky. If you run into trouble on the road, having a roadside service membership could save you hundreds of dollars on towing and other unforeseen circumstances. Some insurance plans even come with a roadside membership included.

5. Choose a Gas Station and Build Rewards

Most gas stations have rewards programs. It could be that you earn discounts at your local grocery store or you get a set number of cents off by joining the rewards club. Either way can save you money at the pump.

6. Pay with a Cash Rewards Credit Card

Auto expenses are inevitable, but you when you pay with a cash rewards credit card, like our Founder’s Card, you can earn 2%* or 1.5% cash rewards on your purchase.

*You can earn 1.5% cash rewards on purchases. You can earn 2% cash rewards on purchases if you maintain a PSECU checking account and qualifying monthly direct deposit(s) of at least $500. See the Visa® Founder’s Card and Visa® Alumni Rewards Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions  for full details.

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