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Best Free Places to Take Pictures in Pennsylvania

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July 27, 2022

Are you looking to get updated family photos? Planning the perfect spot for wedding portraits? Or looking for a unique location for senior photos? No matter the occasion, Pennsylvania has a wide range of visually stunning locations for those special photos.

And the best part is, you can snap photos for no cost at the locations on this list. Read on to see which ones are located near you.

Best Free Places to Take Pictures in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Northeastern Pennsylvania is an area known for industry. It contains parts of the Coal Region, Wyoming Valley, and Pocono Mountains. Here, you can find a range of scenic and historic areas to explore for pictures.

Best Free Places to Take Pictures in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Northwestern Pennsylvania features the heart of the commonwealth’s gas and oil economy. Erie is the cultural hub, and the Allegheny National Forest attracts many visitors. There are many options for interesting places to take pictures.

Best Free Places to Take Pictures in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Philadelphia dominates the culture, discussions, and geography of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a busy urban area full of neat places to take pictures. You’ll want to check out these free, photo-worthy locations.

Best Free Places to Take Pictures in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Southwestern Pennsylvania includes the counties of Butler, Beaver, and Washington, but the central point is, of course, the crown jewel of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh. Try snapping some photos in these locations.

Best Free Places to Take Pictures in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania includes the city of Harrisburg and nearby towns like Lemoyne, Gettysburg, and York. Drop in on these sites for unbelievable photo opportunities.

Picture the Savings

With a state full of gorgeous locations, all available at no cost, you can save a lot by not needing to rent a location. You have your pick of picturesque backdrops to capture the special moments of your life.

Want another pro tip for saving? Skip the professional photographer and do it yourself! Phone photo technology keeps improving, and by spending a little time exploring your phone’s camera features, you’ll be snapping awesome images in no time.

For more ways to save, visit our blog.

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