Bank Green with Us for Sustainability and Convenience

*Editor’s note: This year-long series about financial literacy is sponsored by PSECU.

We’re proud of our digital-first model. Our suite of digital banking tools and services allows members to securely manage their money anytime, anywhere. And, while providing a positive member experience is at the core of who we are, our digital-first model is designed with even more in mind. That “more” is environmental sustainability.

Read on to learn about five of our digital tools and services that were built for convenience, security and environmental benefit.

Digital Banking

We know that your schedule may already be packed, whether you’re a parent balancing work and caring for children or a college student juggling class and extracurricular commitments. That’s why we make managing your money as quick and easy as possible with our online and mobile platforms. Together, we refer to these as digital banking.

Digital banking allows you 24/7 access to your finances, so no matter where you are or what time it is, you can manage your money with ease. Online banking allows you to log into your PSECU account from a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer, while our mobile app provides you with the best on-the-go experience, using a phone or tablet.

Once you’ve signed up for digital banking, you can take advantage of all these tools have to offer, from initiating a Visa® Balance Transfer and managing your PSECU debit and credit cards to using bill payer and pay-a-person.

And because of our commitment to digital money management, we use the best commercially available software, employ a full-time, specially trained information security staff; and work under policies and procedures that help us ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect members’ financial and personal information.

But using digital banking isn’t just convenient and secure – it’s environmentally friendly, as well. Short car trips are known to use more fuel, so eliminating unnecessary trips to handle financial transactions results in both gas savings for you and fewer pollutants in the air.

Bill Payer

Bill payer allows you to pay for your utilities, mortgage, gym memberships and more using a secure interface. Once you set up bill payer through your PSECU account, it takes the money you need to pay your bill from your checking account and sends it to your service provider. Most payments are delivered to the payee (if electronic) within three business days.

Setting up and using our bill payer service isn’t just easy, it’s also secure. Using bill payer eliminates the need to mail payments containing sensitive financial information and eliminates the temptation to store your account number on other companies’ websites to make payments. Keeping your financial account information private in this way decreases your exposure to potential fraud, should one of the companies you’re dealing with experience a security compromise.

Bill payer also eliminates the use of stamps, checks, and envelopes for bill payments. This saves you money, while also allowing you to go green by reducing your use of these paper products.

Mobile Deposit

While paper checks aren’t as common as they once were, it’s likely you still receive one occasionally, whether it’s a rebate from a product you purchased or a holiday gift from a relative. However common or rare these instances are for you, our mobile deposit feature makes it easier than ever to deposit checks anytime, anywhere using the PSECU Mobile app.

Mobile deposit allows you to deposit single checks directly to your checking account in just a few simple steps by taking photos of the front and back of the check with your phone. Access to these funds is subject to our Funds Availability Policy.

Using this feature allows you to skip short car trips to the ATM or service center to deposit checks, which, as mentioned above, lets you save time, spend less on gas, and reduce your environmental footprint.


If going green and maintaining financial account security are both important to you, opting into e-Statements is another easy way to meet both of these goals. When you opt-in to receive e-Statements, you forego receiving paper statements for your PSECU accounts and receive an email when your account statements are available in online banking.

Paper statements require significant paper resources each year, leading to a negative environmental impact. e-Statements eliminate this reliance on paper and contain all of the same account information as a paper statement, available conveniently and securely for you in online banking. Once generated, you have immediate access to your account information without risking it being compromised or delayed in the mail.

You can quickly and easily download e-Statements to a secure location on your computer, as well. This allows you to responsibly maintain financial records while eliminating both paper consumption and physical clutter in your home.

To switch to e-Statements, simply log into online banking and click My Money, e-Statements, then Switch.

Direct Deposit

If you’re still receiving a paper paycheck, you can streamline your money management method and reduce your paper usage even more by switching to direct deposit. Switching to direct deposit eliminates the need for your employer to print your paycheck and allows you easy access to your funds without more of those quick trips to the ATM or service center.

Once you’ve established your direct deposit with us, you can typically see the upcoming deposit as a pending transaction in your checking account, allowing you to see and plan for the exact amount you’ll be receiving. Using PSECU for your direct deposit needs also allows for a streamlined money management experience when paired with bill payer, mentioned above.

Using direct deposit can also help you stay on track with saving, as you can choose for a certain percentage or set dollar amount to go directly into your savings account upon receipt.

Start Banking Green with Us Today

Cost and time savings, 24/7 access to your finances and environmental friendliness all wrapped into one make banking green with us a convenient, secure, and sustainable choice for your money management needs. Sign up for digital banking today, or log in to your PSECU account to add these digital tools.

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