BLOOMSBURG— Personal financial coach of Fetterman Financial Freedom, Alexis Fetterman, shared her story about how she and her husband got out of debt and started living on a budget.

She explained to students that they need to have a good answer as to why they want to get out of debt. A reason will motivate them to get out of and stay debt-free faster. For Alexis, it was when she helped her husband’s brother and his family move into their new house. She realized then that she was tired of living in “fixer-upper” houses, constantly working to improve them, and wanted to move into a finished house. She and her husband decided that in order to do that, they first had to pay off their debts.

They then resolved to commit to a payment plan and were able to pay off $48,000 of debt in 13 months. They now strive to maintain a budget to keep track of all their money, making sure they know where every dollar goes. Alexis’ husband, Caleb, also answered students’ questions. He gave his testimony that now that they are debt-free, life is so much different. He is so grateful that now he can begin to save for his children’s college.

Although the crowd was small, students were actively engaged in the presentation. Before she even finished her formal talk, students were beginning to ask questions about budgeting and debt. The department chair of Finance also attended and had some compelling stories and insightful comments to share.