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Transgender Conspiracy Theory

A scroll through various social media sites shows a wide range of transphobia. Transvestigations. This conspiracy for transphobes has been around for a decent number of years. Some videos date back over seven years ago. However, more recently, it has gained more prominence with the recent attacks on trans people. Over a billion views on the transvestigation TikTok hashtag, Facebook groups that range from thousands to tens of thousands of members


Transvestigators are people who believe that the elites, like celebrities, politicians, and well-known figures, are all transgender. The level of belief in this conspiracy can go further than just that. Some believe that everyone is trans and that they are the only cis-gendered person left in the world. They go so far as to take unconsenting pictures of people for their “investigations.”


The “investigators” will typically use the physical characteristics of the individual to deduce whether they are trans or “inverted” as they say. For example, they will “analysis” numerous aspects of the person. The clavicles (collarbones) of a person, a longer and thicker clavicle, is a more masculine trait. Wider and more flared hips are a more feminine trait. A jawline being more pronounced is a masculine feature. The forehead and hairline of a person. The finger lengths of people. This goes both ways if a male has a less defined jawline and more pronounced hips. They were a female at birth. An example that many transinvestigators use is Michelle Obama. A new version of phrenology, but instead of measuring skulls for traits, it’s measuring bones for gender.


The reason why ranges, some believe that a person must become trans to become powerful and famous in the world, orchestrated by elite societies like Free Masons, that have made deals with the devil. Others use it as a way to humiliate others, using current hatred against trans people as a means to hurt others.

This off-brand version of phrenology has hurt people and will continue to be used to try and hamper another person’s life. In Utah, a state swimming champion was accused of being trans because she won the race. The second-place and third-place parents accused them of being trans because she did not “look” feminine enough to be a girl.


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