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The Spongebob Popsicle is getting a Makeover 

Many children born in the 90s and early 2000s snacked on the iconic Spongebob popsicle made by the ice pop company Popsicle

The popsicle is well-known for its haunting, misshapen look that gave many a laugh upon opening the wrapper. Since the first debut in 2002, it is notorious for deforming or melting when exposed to heat. This may cause the popsicle to have oddly placed eyes. 

However, this yellow, icy treat is getting a makeover. Popsicle is saying good riddance to the gum ball eyes deviating from its original imperfect look. 

This marketing strategy was meant to improve the treat, but the effect is quite the opposite.

The eyes on this treat have been changed from the famous gum balls, that gave them a signature look, to chocolate eyes. Complaints have varied from Spongebob looking ‘too wide’ and overall not the right proportions. 

In addition to that thought, chocolate seems to be a poor choice to pair with the flavors of the popsicle. Although Spongebob lives in a pineapple home under the sea, the frozen treat is actually fruit punch and cotton candy flavored.

Twitter post of fan complaining about the recent popsicle change with a response from Popsicle.

Fans who grew up on both the television show and the dessert treat are distraught over the makeover. Joseph Lamour of Yahoo! News featured an article on these negative opinions.

Lamour stated, “News of a summer without the unique pleasure of chewing on a talking sponge’s sugary eyeballs has obviously hit the public hard, with many folks taking to social media to lament.”

Do the chocolate eyes really instill a sense of improvement over the gum balls? To the public, it seems to be a downgrade.