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The Mexican Pizza is So Mid 

Icon and musical artist, Doja Cat, stirred up a large commotion surrounding a missing Taco Bell product, the Mexican Pizza. The popstar filled her well-known, combative Twitter feed with many remarks begging the beloved fast-food chain to bring the item back. Guess what? They did, but I think it is a waste of space on the menu.  

Sure, bringing in Doja Cat was a reach for Taco Bell to have a familiar face on their commercials. Yet, her loud opinion on why this assembly of stacked tortilla, cheese, beef, and sauce mattered stood out. She was scene in a previous Super Bowl commercial for Taco Bell which attracted a lot of attention and revenue. 

The item had returned on September 15, 2022. In my honest opinion, the “Mexican Pizza” is absolutely mid. What does the trending phrase “mid” mean? “Mid” is used in an attempt to portray poor quality and prominent mediocracy. This menu item is really just not worth spending money on. Why? 


What goes into the Mexican Pizza? Well, the Taco Bell company was sure proud to share that the product itself was coming back in its original condition, with the same ingredients.  

Photo from https://www.tacobell.com/faq/mexican-pizza

Major Cons

The item doesn’t necessarily taste terrible, but there are many other leading factors as to why the quality is very poor. First of all, the consistency is just not it. The sauce on top of it with the cheese makes for a soggy “fried flour tortilla”. Picking it up without crumbling conviction takes skill, almost expertise. The item itself seems to be better to be eaten in-store, but how many people actually eat in-store versus pick-up? I think a lot more venture in the drive-thru.

The flavors are there, for sure. But, it’s just not what I am looking for. I attempted to add avocado ranch and also tasted another with sour cream, but neither upgrade did the trick. They may have if all the sauces didn’t obliterate the tortilla into a flimsy mess.

The “pizza sauce” on it is also more of a taco sauce, but I personally find it to be the worst part of the item. Maybe try baking like chipotle ranch or hot sauce onto it instead? Danny Gallagher, a food news writer of the Dallas Observer, published his take called “Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Is Back, and It’s Not That Big of a Deal”.

Gallagher shared an interesting note, “If Taco Bell offered a “Supreme” option that added more vegetables and things like sour cream and guacamole, or if there is a secret version you can order that I don’t yet know about, then it might be worth the effort that everyone put into bringing it back from the dead.” This statement I can agree with.

I think if the item could be consumed a lot easier, the quality would go up. But, the item still tastes like its missing something. The fact I can not put my finger on it is a major issue. Salvaging the texture, grip, and consistency comes first in priorities. It is not worth the payment of $4.69 plus tax.

The Slightly Better Pros

The ground beef found within the item is the same classic beef in the rest of the products. It tastes well-seasoned and reliable like the rest of the Taco Bell menu. But, beef can’t save this monstrosity.

The cheese on top tastes like sprinkled cheese. It is simply okay, nothing crazy. Yet, it’s cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese? The diced tomatoes pair well with this and stick nicely onto the cheesey layer.

The presentation is not awful. It looks like a pizza! What else can I say? Taco Bell did accomplish that goal. You may be mislead with taste, but not with presentation.


All-in-all, Taco Bell still probably made a lot of money from this item. Whether it was Doja Cat in a commerical, the free rewards, or the actual taste of it that pulled people in, we may never know. Yet, this item still holds a spot on the menu. Do I think think it is worth the money? No, not at all. Sorry, Doja Cat, I still love you.