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The Beauty of Bloomsburg’s Self-Taught Makeup Artist

Kimorah La Ronde. Photo from Kimorah’s Instagram @the_glowdess.

*Editor’s Note: The following story was written in Fall 2022. As of today May 13, Kimorah La Ronde has officially graduated Bloomsburg University with a bachelor’s degree in early education. Congratulations Kimorah on your wonderful achievement!*

“We’re going to be focusing on the E, the L, and the F,” said Kimorah La Ronde. “And I bet you’re wondering ‘What am I talking about?’”

Not one of Santa’s elves, but something a little different.

“Eyes, lips, and face,” explained the woman with purple eyebrows on her Instagram Reel video.

Art is a creative expression that comes in many different forms. Glitzy and imaginative makeup looks are how Bloomsburg University senior Kimorah La Ronde expresses herself.

The Journey

La Ronde discovered her initial interest in makeup on her 16th birthday.

“I was gifted a whole bunch of makeup,” La Ronde says. “My birthday is in the summer and I had a lot of time of my hands. I started to experiment and work with different colors, shadows, foundations, and eyeliners.”

During her experimentation, La Ronde realized that she enjoyed creating makeup looks and how it allowed her to express herself.

After discovering her love for makeup and the process of transforming herself into something even more beautiful with her own hands, La Ronde was inspired to become a self-taught makeup artist.

“I wanted to put my talent onto the face of other people and allow them to experience what I feel when I finish a makeup look. I love seeing the new expressions and happiness of clients when they see what I could do for them.”

Being a makeup artist has impacted La Ronde’s life by giving her opportunities that she’d only dreamt of.

“It has gotten me recognized by makeup brands that I thought would never pay me anything.”

La Ronde explained how her creative looks have gotten her likes and comments on Instagram and Twitter from well-known makeup brands, such as Ulta Beauty, Milani Cosmetics, La Girls Cosmetics, and a Chanel makeup artist.

“I’ve had opportunities of doing weddings, proms, and baby showers.”


Becoming a makeup artist is no easy journey. La Ronde explained one of her biggest struggles is getting exposure on her makeup Instagram page (@_melaninmua_) and consistently having to come up with new looks.

Due to the unpredictable nature of social media algorithms, there were times when La Ronde’s content wasn’t pushed as much as it did in the past.

“At time it was discouraging to get over 100 likes on one picture and then to get less than 50 likes on another picture. Especially since some makeup looks take me hours and I am doing a TikTok or Reels on Instagram.”

La Ronde also explained it’s difficult for her to gain clientele due to being a full-time student aspiring to become an elementary school teacher.

In previous years, K-12 teachers were often told to stay off social media or keep a low profile and have their content private. However, La Ronde’s content is beneficial for a young audience to observe.

Seeing La Ronde’s creative looks can inspire the younger generation to begin their own experimentation with makeup. La Ronde’s social media can also be a way for high schoolers to book with her makeup services for special events, such as formals and proms.

None of these roadblocks discouraged La Ronde or stop her passion and drive for her artwork.

“The way I am slowly overcoming the struggle and lack of engagements on social media is to remind myself I am doing makeup looks for me. I am doing makeup ‘cause it allows me to express myself and is something I find near and dear to my heart and not to let likes determine my talent as a makeup artist.”

The Makeup Society

As of the 2022-2023 school year, La Ronde transitioned from being the social media director of The Makeup Society to becoming president.

The Makeup Society is a student run organization at Bloomsburg University that focuses on beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. The organization strives to value diversity, inclusion, and creativity.

“Kimorah is a burst of energy and so much fun to work with,” says Ashley Davis, treasurer of The Makeup Society. “She’s very organized, creative, and keeps it real at all times. She brightens any room she’s in and is always positive.”

Davis also states The Makeup Society is one of the places where La Ronde gets to show off her amazing talent outside of the classroom.

La Ronde’s transition to president wasn’t a drastic change since she always felt prepared for the role and what she had to offer for the Makeup Society.

“It felt rewarding to be able to show people my passion for makeup and make them love it the way I do.”

La Ronde said she’s had leadership roles in the past, so she knew she could handle creating meeting topics, talking with members, and facilitating meetings.

“I was always ready to make new changes and take The Makeup Society to the next level.”

In October, The Makeup Society hosted their first ever Beauty Convention, a free event that showcased masterclasses from beauty entrepreneurs, lash technicians, special effects makeup artists, barbers, and estheticians.

La Ronde said it was A LOT OF WORK to put the event together and make sure it flowed well.

“It was an experience for the executive board and I to facilitate an event like this. It was a learning process of how a convention worked, what are the moving parts, who do we need to contact, where is funding coming from and so forth.”

The event ended up being a huge success for The Makeup Society with many students coming out the support the organization.

Goals and Aspirations

La Ronde says her goal as a makeup artist is to have signature looks that make her marketable and stand out in the beauty industry. She would also like to work in the makeup industry with influencers and do makeup for special events full time.

La Ronde encourages others who make have an interest in makeup to give it a chance.

“Practice does not make perfect, but it makes improvement. Makeup comes with a lot of trial and error, and you have to play with it to understand how it works. But the most important part is you have to have fun and enjoy enhancing your features and what works for you.”

You can follow La Ronde on Instagram @_melaninmua_. A link is provided in her Instagram bio to book makeup services.