Super Bowl LVlll Recap

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in overtime nail-biter with a 25- 22 score in Las Vegas.

The game started off with San Francisco fumbling within the first three minutes of the start of the game. Kanas City did not answer with this opportunity of ball possession. The rest of the first quarter consisted both teams not being able to find the end zone. The first quarter score ending 0-0.

The third quarter started off with San Francisco continuing with the ball from the first quarter. An incomplete pass from quarter back Brock Purdy on third team made the team go for a 55-yard field goal attempt. San Francisco kicker, Jake Moody, made it putting the first points of the night on the score board makin git 3-0.

Not too long after. Kanas City hinted they might get the first touchdown of the game when running back, Isiah Pacheco, fumbles. San Francisco recovered the ball at their own 8. Again the quarter counited to giving the ball back to the opposing team.

Until later in the second quarter when San Francisco finally scored the first touchdown. With a short pass to Christian McCaffery the star running danced his way into the end zone. With a good field goal the score came to 10-0.

If there is one thing we have learned about Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs it is to never count them out. Late in the second quarter the Chiefs could not make their way into the end zone, but settled for a 28-yard field goal finally putting them on the board.

If there is one thing Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have taught us is never count them out. Again the third quarter started just like the last two, both teams having a hard time making it down field. Defense is what has kept both teams into this game thus far.

Five minutes left into the third quarter Kansas City made it to San Francisco’s 39 and made the field goal changing the score to 10-6. Not too much later the Chiefs answered back with their first touchdown of the game. This ended the third quarter with a score of 13-10 Chiefs up.

The 49ers lead with the ball into the fourth quarter scoring quickly making the game 16-13. This was just the beginning of a dramatic fourth quarter. San Francisco made a 53-yard field goal attempt to secure the lead 19- 13.

However, Kansas City had possession of the ball and made great gains to get to the end of the field. They wasted no time to get within field goal range. The thought of getting a touchdown was out of sight, they settled for a field goal that kicker, Harrison Butker made. Tying the game 19-19.

This would be the second time that the Super Bowl would go into overtime ever. San Francisco received the ball to begin OT. They were not able to find the end zone settling for a 27-yard field goal made by kicker, Jake Moody.

The Kansas City offense seemed to wake up with the last few minutes of the game. They took time to get to the end of the field, but when they did they delivered. With just six seconds left in the game, Kanas City won with a short pass from Mahomes to Mecole Hardman Jr.

The final score from Las Vegas was 25-22. This is the Chiefs fourth Super Bowl win, second with Patrick Mahomes as their quarter back.