Super Bowl LVIII Predictions

After Super Bowl LVII, people are already placing their bets on which team they think will win next year’s pro bowl game. Votes from students on campus have been all over the place, ranging from team loyalty to many teams they believe could pull through a win due to ranking. Being in Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg is a very split school for fans. There is a large majority of student fans on campus that either root for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, or some neighboring teams like the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens.  The loyalty that these fans have towards their team, either high winning teams or not, still played a part in their vote towards who they think will win next year’s Super Bowl.

After asking roughly 70 students on campus who they believed could win, there were a few teams that scored highly. The top two highest scoring teams are the Eagles and the Bengals. Both of these two teams finished extremely high in the bracket play; the Bengals losing in the semifinals to the Chiefs and the Eagles losing in the Super Bowl to the Chiefs as well. Between these two teams, they both have an extremely high chance of winning the bowl game. Both teams have the angst, the skills, the players, and a need for revenge to win the next Super Bowl. Both quarterbacks, Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts, were some of the best quarterbacks in the league. The skill that both of them possess gives them the chance to be a team that could win next year. 

Another team that scored extremely high along with the other two teams was the Steelers. The high amount of team loyalty in Pennsylvania clearly shows through many of its students. Though having a slightly below average season, many fans believe that next year could be the one. The Steelers have had an above-average past, but have not done so well the past few years. Alongside the Patriots, they both have a shocking six Super Bowls. With the rookie Kenny Picket and recent joiner George Pickens, the team had a slightly better season than previously. Many fans predict that with possible incoming rookies or trades, the team potentially could have an above average season next year. Fan and student athlete, sophomore Emma Little, states, “I believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win the Super Bowl next year because we have a great quarterback. Kenny was a rookie last year, so now that he has a year under his belt, I think he will perform even better next year. We also have a great defense, and I think that with Kenny as our quarterback we can make it far.” The combined loyalty and up and coming players give them a good chance for next season to do well. 

A  team that many fans voted highly for was the Chiefs. This team was the 2023 Super Bowl winner, beating the Eagles in a close 38-35. The Chiefs in the first quarter were losing by a few touchdowns, but as they came into the second quarter, they took the fire and desire they had to win and scored two more touchdowns and a field goal to win the game. This offense combined with their defense, preventing the Eagles from scoring more, is what drove them towards the victory. Many of the students who voted for this team are not actually Chiefs fans, but believe that they could pull out another win due to their large amount of skill and talent on this team. Patrick Mahomes was the Chiefs quarterback, being one of the best in the league. He helped his team through to a win while playing on an injured ankle. His talent is what many people believe could help them pull out another winning season. 

A team that got a few votes but that should not be overlooked are the 49ers. The 49ers started their season off very slowly, but after switching to their third string quarterback, “Mr.Irrelevant,” they had a ten-game winning streak under Brock Purdy. Purdy is being compared to being the new Tom Brady of this generation of quarterbacks. With his skill, this team is not one to be overlooked in their chances of winning next year’s Super Bowl. Many fans believe next year could be a great season, pushing the normally high-winning teams to be better. 

These teams were some of the teams that were voted highly among students to possibly win next season’s Super Bowl. With many incoming rookies to some other teams, there is a high chance any one of these teams could win next year. One being the quarterback for Alabama, Bryce Young. He is expected to be a big player for an NFL team next year, which could change the outcome of any team level. With these incoming players, trades, and time to get better, any one of these teams could be next year’s Super Bowl winner. Until then, it is all up in the air. 



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