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Springing into Easter with DIY Crafts

Spring has definitely sprung which means Easter is approaching!

Below are two crafts that are sure to make a holiday in quarantine a little bit brighter and more exciting for the whole family.

Both of these crafts were completed using household items and can be done by anyone of any age!

Craft #1: Easter Tree (who said Christmas was the only holiday with a festive tree?)

All you need for this is clear fishing wire, plastic Easter eggs and a tree outside or inside to hang them on!

Easter Tree Step 1:

Cut a medium-size piece of fishing wire, then string it through the top two holes of the egg, as shown below. If your egg does not have holes on top, take a knife or scissors to carefully poke two identical holes.

Step 1

Easter Tree Step 2:

Take the two ends of the fishing wire and tie them in a knot while also leaving enough space underneath to place on a tree branch.

Step 2

Easter Tree Step 3:

Hang it up as a fun and colorful decoration!

Final Product

Craft #2: Blown Out Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for a keepsake this Easter, then this is the perfect craft for you! It may seem a bit complicated at first, but with patience, you can create decorations that will last a lifetime (if you’re careful).

What you’ll need: A small bowl, eggs, egg dye, a small needle or thumbtack.

Blown Out Easter Eggs Step 1: Poke the holes

Start by taking your pin/needle and carefully poke two holes into the egg, one on the top and one on the bottom. You want the holes to be on the tiny side so they don’t break.

Blown Out Easter Eggs Step 2: Blow Out the Egg

Make sure you have your bowl handy during this step! Take your punctured egg, and blow from one end so that the egg comes out the other side and into the bowl.

Blow carefully, as you don’t want to shatter the egg. Continue until all of the inside contents are removed.

Blown Out Easter Eggs Step 3: Wash and Dry

Carefully wash your egg with soap and water then set aside to dry. Use this time to make your egg dye/gather any decorating tools that you’re using!

Blown Out Easter Eggs Step 4: Decorate

Decorate you fragile egg as you normally would by dipping it into a cup of dye. You can decorate with stickers, markers, paint, or anything that you’d like.