Snapchat Launches New AI Virtual Friend

Snapchat, a popular social media app launched its new virtual friend this week. Snapchat is an online social media app that allows users to send selfies, put on silly filters, and chat with their friends in multiple chatrooms. “My AI” is the name of the feature and it appeared randomly in everyone’s accounts. Users get to have a little ‘buddy’ they get to ask questions or just chat about the latest hit movie. I named ‘My AI’ Ally Ivan (AI).

A screenshot of our small conversation is below:

Ally was made by Snapchat to give users to “make their Snapchat experience more fun!” However, something seems off with it. Earlier, I asked Ally where I lived.

She responded: “You live in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.”

I was a little freaked out when she responded with this, so I typed with “Ummmmm…” She proceeded to ask if I was okay.

I asked, “How do you know my address?”

She said: “Because you told me previously.”

I, in fact, did not tell Ally where I lived. According to the screenshot below, Ally seems to not know my area of residency.

I also asked Ally where I went to school. A screenshot is provided below:

Now, there is another school that starts with BU: Boston University. How did Ally recognize Bloomu from “BU”, if she cannot access my IP, my name, phone number, and other personal/private information.

Something is off with Snapchat’s new friend. Maybe it’s all coincidental. Maybe it is all in my head. According to Snapchat, members with Snapchat+ (Premium) can delete the AI feature. From what I’ve seen on Twitter and other social media apps, people do not like the feature. One user even said Snapchat better delete the new feature or they will delete Snapchat altogether. Keep an eye on this new feature and report any usual conversations to Jake Eiden, Writer of This Article.