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Ron DeSantis Runs for President in 2024

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In perhaps the worst kept secret in politics this year. Ron DeSantis has announced his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for the 2024 Presidential race. In a Twitter space interview with Elon Musk, DeSantis announced his candidacy for 2024. DeSantis is campaigning on his electability. Trump cannot beat Biden, but I can is the seemingly the message that DeSantis is running on for the 2024 nomination. The announcement did not go that way. The Twitter Space did not work on Elon’s Twitter Space, forcing it to a different host, and has topped out at 302,000 listeners. Elon Musk was caught saying “Just keeps crashing, huh?” in reference to his Twitter Space. The choice of Twitter Space seems like a disaster as an announcement on Fox News would have received more viewers.


The Republican Governor rose to prominence in 2018 with an ad that shows him teaching his children how to build a wall and reading them Trump’s book. Since then, DeSantis has been a Trump clone in Florida. Florida has been more authoritarian and conservative under his reign. DeSantis is one of the biggest proponents of the anti-“woke” beliefs. His promotion of anti-LGBTQIA+ beliefs and legislation has been the most defining part of his tenure in Florida. This fueled his battle with Disney.

Former President Trump was quick to slam Elon on Truth Social last night, claiming his business only survived because of government subsidies and claimed Elon would “Drop to his knees and Beg” if he had asked him to do so. Trump and DeSantis have butted heads numerous times. Trump dubbed DeSantis as Ron DeSanctimonious. DeSantis has gloated on Trump and his loss in a New York court. Donald Trump Jr dubbed DeSantis’s announcement as #DeSaster on Twitter.

Opinions from Republicans

DeSantis is second place in polls and the only viable opponent to Trump when it comes to the Republican nomination. Trump still has a major lead over DeSantis, with most polls having Trump at around 50% and DeSantis at 25% and the rest supporting other Republican candidates or are unsure who they will be voting for.

Elected and significant figures in the Republican party are split. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has supported Trump’s campaign and attacked DeSantis in interviews. While DeSantis has gathered endorsements from multiple executive branch members under Trump’s Presidency and numerous U.S. and State Representatives and former Representatives throughout the United States.



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