Rating Trader Joe’s: Spiced Chai Tea Concentrate

One of my favorite drinks to order at a Coffee/Tea Shop is a Chai Latte with almond or oat milk. While browsing Trader Joe’s, I spotted a bottle with the label, “Spiced Chai Black Tea Concentrate“. The convenience of making a chai latte in your own home is way better than anything Starbucks could do. Oops, sorry I said it! Whenever I order Chai Latte while out, the baristas always add too much milk to the chai ratio. Unpopular opinion, I thoroughly enjoy the taste of black coffee so I want to deeply taste that chai in my latte. This sweet, handy bottle of concentrate has saved me for the beginning of my spring semester.

Where does chai tea originate? Click here for a deeper background.

This product is $2.49 for 16 fluid ounces of black tea concentrate. Trader Joe’s invites consumers to indulge in that is “full of warm, fragrant spices and nose-tingling ginger, nothing perks up a morning or slows the pace of a hectic afternoon…” I don’t know about you, but that description pulls me in.

The company has indicated the process of making the product; “Trader Joe’s Spiced Chai Black Tea Concentrate is brewed with filtered water and steeped in small batches to fully develop its characteristic flavors-namely, allspice, black pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and ginger.” The main site even hints at a notable amount of ginger.

I got this product because I am a 21-year-old college student who is waking up for her 9:30 Spanish class. I am not really a breakfast person, so I do not eat too much early in the morning [unless I really need to]. Sometimes, coffee and a low, empty stomach do not always pair best. Instead, a chai latte with almond milk hits the spot and I stand by almond milk tasting better in lattes.

I paired the first few tastes with the Trader Joe’s Blueberry Lavender Almond Milk which was delightful with its slight blue tone. According to Become Betty, “Trader Joe’s Blueberry Lavender Flavored Almond Beverage is a new seasonal gluten-free, vegan, dairy free, kosher, shelf stable almond beverage flavor that has nuances of both blueberry and lavender that are very subtle.”

I just wish the bottle came with more. One serving is already 4 fluid ounces being taken away! The bottle only contains 16 fluid ounces which means only 4 servings. Big fans may need to stock up. Originally, I was [and still am] a fan of the Starbucks iced chai latte with almond milk. Starbucks happens to be the only coffee-shop chain available on my campus and I can’t drop that money on it all the time! No more overpriced drinks, waiting in long lines, and crowds in between classes. It’s just my drink, the comfort of my home, and I sitting stress free. I, personally would pay more for larger packaging to fulfill more of my week rather than the minuscule four servings.

The overall texture is smooth and, the best part, not flaky. Tea sediments tend to bother many drinkers, but this stirs creamy. I think it pairs better with ice in the mug better, but if you want more milk then it is fine without. I am not sure if I feel this fulfilled “4 cups of 12 fl. oz.”. The taste was notable, but wasn’t overpowering. I think the servings were better served smaller to result in a more potent chai taste.

Overall, I would rate this an 8.1 out of 10. The taste is great and makes me feel warm inside. Yet, the quantity of the bottle is smaller compared to how much concentrate I want to use. They either have to make larger packing or stronger concentrate.