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One Piece Character Balloon soars over 2023 Thanksgiving Day Parade

As anime and manga continue to rise in popularity nationally, this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is welcoming a One Piece inspired balloon of main character, Luffy.

This series has been around for a long time with a devoted fan base, and this addition to the parade is transpired from the recent live action show on Netflix, One Piece. Many anime and long-time One Piece fans are excited over the recognition of the manga and show.

The Luffy balloon features the Straw Hat Pirates captain in his cute deformed appearance. His right arm is enlarged, indicating that he is about to launch one of his trademark “Gum-Gum” attacks.

The balloon was originally showcased by Toei Animation, who posted some behind-the-scenes action in preparation for Thanksgiving.

Post on X by Toei Animation showcasing the ‘Monkey D. Luffy’ balloon before the parade.

Dragon Ball, another Toei-produced anime series, debuted in 2018 with Super Saiyan Blue Goku in preparation for the 2019 release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

However, the presence of the One Piece series in such a major American event demonstrates how popular the long-running series has become internationally. The first episode of One Piece aired on October 20, 1999.

Sadly, as the Luffy balloon was making his way through the street, his straw hat was punctured by a tree. This deflated the outer brim of the hat, but this did not stop fans from being just as excited.

X post sharing the puncture of the straw hat by a tree.