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Local bakery meets Bloomsburg University class

The Moss Garden Bakery and Café, located in Mount Carmel, surprised a BU class with one of their best-selling treats: the Mushroom Rice Crispie!

The Moss Garden Bakery and Café’s specialty item: the Mushroom Rice Crispie

Jade Walter, a senior studying middle-level education at BU, runs the bakery with her sister and owner, Sarah Stellar.

“There are many days I leave class and go straight to work. My two worlds have definitely collided more than once,” says Walter, when asked how she handles the double workload. “There’s more than enough stress between the two but I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Walter decided to surprise her class with the treats because the spring semester is wrapping up. She describes the end of the semester has just added to the stress of being a student while also helping her sister with the bakery.

“I try to keep the two separate when it comes to doing the work for both. These last couple weeks with all my final projects hasn’t been easy. Most nights I’m leaving the bakery to go straight to the library or meeting with friends to get work done”.

Jade Walter (center) with her class, taught by Professor Tara Diehl.

Sarah Stellar, owner and founder of the bakery, started the bakery because of her passion for cooking and making food that is not only good for health but good for the soul.

“[Moss Garden Bakery and Café] came from a little table on my moss-covered lawn that my daughter and nieces would always call ‘the Moss Garden Café.'” Stellar says her inspiration for the Bakery’s theme came from her wanting to make the place feel like “a tea party/lunch in the enchanted forest.”

Stellar is more than just the owner/founder of the bakery—she is also a mother. When asked how she handles being a single mom and also running the bakery, she simply says that she doesn’t.

“I have an amazing village of super supportive women, and a few guys as well”.

Most days her daughter, Cece, can be found at the bakery helping out and making guests smile.

“Cece can turn any stressful day into laughs and smiles,” says Jade Walter.

Jade Walter (left) with her sister Sarah Stellar.

The Moss Garden Bakery and Café is located at 211 S. Oak St., Mount Carmel, Pa., 17834. The Bakery’s hours are Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. and it is closed on weekends.

Be sure to stop down for some sweet treats and fresh meals, as well as some smiles from Cece—all in the enchanted forest!