Little Bakery Makes A Big Impact

Unique Bakery Opens Up in Downtown Bloomsburg

Natalia Bundziak moved to Bloomsburg from Prague a year and a half ago. When living in Prague, Natalia observed that bakeries filled the streets, and many people would grab a pastry and a coffee on the way to work. She wanted Bloomsburg to have the same access to delicious pastries and desserts as the people of Prague had.

“I made the decision to open something traditional to share our culture,” Natalia remarks.

However, she didn’t open the bakery spontaneously. Natalia notes that she planned for over a year before finally opening Little Bakery, her bakery located across the street from the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. The location appears perfect for a small bakery, but when first learning about the place, Natalia felt hesitant to open her bakery there. “My concern was, why did so many businesses in the same place leave?” She continues, “I wasn’t sure if people would like it [Little Bakery]. I said okay- here was a bakery, here was a cakery, here was a candy shop . . . many businesses were here.” She seemed to worry about whether Little Bakery would have a different outcome than the previous businesses.

But Little Bakery is unlike most bakeries Bloomsburg has seen. While sharing her story, Natalia multitasks by warming pastries, making coffee, and finishing her specialty sweets before the start of her even busier day.

She conveys how she once was worried about opening a bakery but then takes a look at her customers. “I think people really like it [Little Bakery] because people come in even before opening hours,” she expresses jokingly.

Before opening hours, coffees and strudels were the most popular purchases, but one of the most unique Little Bakery menu items is a chimney cake. Watch our video below to learn more about this delicious treat.

Walk through the process of making Chimney Cakes with Natalia Bundziak, the owner of the Little Bakery in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

created by Connor Yost & Myah Stackhouse



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