Last-minute DIY Halloween costumes

While COVID-19 may have ruined your typical spooky day plans, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up with a couple of close friends or family members and have a socially-distanced party. Here are five last-minute costume ideas to put you in the Halloween spirit!

  1. Pacman and Ghosts:

For Pacman, all you will need is a yellow shirt (short or long sleeve) and black felt. Using scissors, cut a small Pacman shape out of the felt for the eye, and a larger triangle for the mouth. Once you have your pieces cut out, glue them to the shirt. Even though there are only four ghosts in the actual game, you are not limited to the number of ghosts within your group. After you decide how many ghosts there will be, pick out a different color shirt—anything but yellow. At the bottom of the shirt, cut out triangle shapes so the bottom appears to be jagged—much like the ghosts in the game. You will also need felt for the ghosts, as well; however, instead of black, use navy blue and white for the eyes. Similar to Pacman’s features, cut out two navy blue circles (pupils) and two white ovals. Glue the pupil to the white oval, and then, glue to the colorful shirt. If you wish to incorporate more color into your costume besides the colored shirt, consider wearing pants or a long sleeve shirt under your respective colored ghost. 

  1. Smarty Pants:

For a Halloween costume that’s just as punny as it is easy, Smarty Pants is the way to go! All you have to do is use glue dots or double-sided tape to attach Smarties candy to a pair of old jeans. Simple enough, right? This one gets bonus points for being edible when the party’s over.

  1. Carpool Karaoke:

This idea would be ideal for couples but anyone can still rock it! You don’t even need an actual costume for this one. All you need is silver and black paint to turn a yellow presentation board into a taxi. Then, make velcro straps that can go around your necks, get an object that can be used as a stand-in microphone, and add any accessories of your choice. Lastly, create a playlist to play from a speaker all night for everyone to bop to. Try to convince anyone in your party to perform a song in the back of the “taxi!” Look at the image above for reference!

  1. Rosie the Riveter:

This World War II inspired costume reflects the major accomplishment made during the early women’s rights movement during the 1940s, emphasizing their new ability to become employed and work in industrial-focused companies. This costume can be completed by wearing a denim button-up shirt, jeans, combat or work boots, and accessorized with a red bandana. To further complete the look, you can complement the outfit with red lipstick and accentuate your cheekbones with some pink blush. 

  1. The Karen/Manager

This will more than likely be the most popular and meme-worthy costume of the year, but for good reason, as it is so easy to do. For the Karen, all you need is leggings, large sunglasses, a large purse, Skechers, and a Karen inspired wig if you can find one. Tracksuits will also do the job as the typical Karen outfit. To make the outfit even better, have a Starbucks cup in your hand and complain that you only got two pumps of caramel instead of three. For the manager, simply find a shirt tag that says manager on it and look annoyed at everything the Karen says.