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Hive Social, a new social platform focusing on the simplicity of social media, focuses on the motto “express yourself without the pressure of traditional social media apps.”

Since Elon Musk’s Operation of Twitter 2.0, users have been wondering “is Twitter going to die?” Well, incase Twitter does die by Musk’s new decisions, users have a new platform to explore, discuss, and create memories.

How can Users Get Hive Social?

Hive Social is a free platform giving users a new place to socialize and create new discussions. Hive Social is currently ran by two developers, who are college students, bringing a new vision to social media. According to their website, their plan is to “Bring back what you used to love about social media in a new way. Profile music, text and image posts, polls, Q&A, and so much more!” Hive Social says in their website that they want to fix the issue of the social media algorithm not detecting what users want to see, instead of seeing only ads and promotions. If you are looking to escape the Twitter chaos, check out Hive Social. Currently, there is no website version of Hive Social but users can download the social media platform on the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore.

Apple Users – Download Hive Social on the Apple Appstore

Android Users – Download Hive Social on the Google Playstore

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What’s Wrong with Twitter? Is it Going to be Deactivated?

Twitter is currently going downhill, based on latest Twitter data. The CEO and Founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, as of Oct. 28, completed the deal to acquire Twitter at his original offer price of $54.20 a share at a total cost of roughly $44 billion. Since the takeover of Twitter, users have not been happy. Now, users can pay $7.99/month to become verified on Twitter, a program called “Twitter Blue.” While this may sound like great news, this actually hurts users who do not pay for this subscription.

If users do not buy “Twitter Blue.” the Twitter algorithm is less likely to detect non-blue members’ tweets. Musk has made Twitter a “pay to tweet” model.

Another reason from many reasons why Twitter users are uset at Musk and his plan is from a recent email of Musk’s Twitter 2.0 plan. This has employees and users enraged by the way Elon is treating the workers of his platform.

Musk wants to work his employees late hours and at high intensity in order to make a new version of Twitter. Because of this, employees are leaving their current roles at Twitter. If current employees who are looking to stay, but don’t comply with his standards, they will be laid off and replaced. Users and employees are hoping for a return to Twitter 1.0 sometime in the future. No word on whether or not this will happen. Only time will tell with its data from Twitter and Musk himself.

Editor’s Case Study – Twitter vs Hive Social

This is a case study by the author of this article and BUnow’s Web Designer + Technology Editor, Jake Eiden. This case study will breakdown the major differences and similarities between the two platforms.

The case study, at times, may talk from the editor’s point-of-view and may include his opinion from time-to-time.

So far, Hive Social is growing in popularity, despite being published on the Apple Appstore in October of 2019. The reason for this popularity is the recent Twitter controversies and 2.0 pre-update(s). Users on Twitter are scared of Twitter going down within the next few months.

The type of content posted on Hive Social is the same as Twitter. There are some verified accounts (non-paid) users from Twitter moving over to the platform. For instance, I follow a lot of Community & Social Media Managers from Bungie, Inc. They are wondering a lot of questions as Twitter 2.0 evolves, like how they will communicate with their community, are parody accounts taking over their official channels, will they be deleted from Twitter, etc. So, to take action early, they are adding accounts on Hive Social. The content Hive Social allows for users to post are text only, images, gifs, videos, and more. The only difference is the algorithm will pick up your posts more than your tweets on Twitter.

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The algorithm is now different on Twitter and is interesting on Hive Social. First, Twitter now has a “pay to tweet” option as described above. Users may get their tweets seen on other users’ “For You Page” (fyp). Getting your tweets seen anywhere on Twitter may require a Twitter Blue Subscription, which may cause more-and-more users to leave, if this is to become the case.

Parody accounts will occur only on Twitter at the moment. There will always be “internet trolls” that will impersonate someone or a company on social media. Now with Twitter Blue, users can “verify” their account and impersonate official accounts like: POTUS, Bungie Inc, Elon Musk, etc. This could then lead to false information and fake news spread across all of Twitter from one Twitter Blue “verified” account.

Overall, this is a short case study because we don’t know much more information about Musk’s Twitter 2.0 plan and we don’t have solid information about many users’ experiences on Hive Social. I will look forward to evolving this case study once more people hop on the bandwagon and break free of Musk’s chains on Twitter.