Holiday gift baskets for your holiday needs

Photo from Pinterest


It can be difficult to find the perfect holiday gift for someone important to you. If you have a tendency to wait until the last minute to shop, and are lacking a gift for your friends and family, these “do it yourself” holiday gift baskets are the perfect solution to your problem. 

Movie Night Basket:

The Movie Night Basket is designed specifically for your cinema-loving friends. You can fill the basket with their favorite snacks (think classics, like microwave popcorn). Add in a few of their favorite movies, or a Google Play or Redbox gift card, so that they can buy a few of their own. 

Winter Cold Survival Basket: 

This is perfect for those friends who stay as far away from the snow as possible, and would much prefer to be curled up by the fireplace. This basket should be filled with warm, cozy treats to make the winter more bearable. Add in a couple of packets of tea, or hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows!), and maybe even throw in a mug you think they would like. You can also add a pair of warm, fuzzy socks and some lotion. 

Coffee Lover Gift Basket: 

We all have those caffeine-hyped friends who always seem to have a Starbucks in hand. This basket should be filled to the brim with all sorts of fun coffee flavors. In addition to coffee packets, add in the basics: creamer, sugar, etc. You can also add a Starbucks gift card, or a cute mug. 

Cookie Baking Basket: 

This basket is an adorable way to spend more time with your friends over holiday break. Put several bags of cookie mix in the basket (you can even make the cookie mix yourself if you’re feeling particularly creative). Put in some cookie cutters, chocolate chips, and some sprinkles. After you give your friend the basket you can invite them over for a holiday baking party!

Self-Care Basket:

The self-care basket is perfect for those who are obsessed with having the perfect skin care and relaxation routines. Put in plenty of face masks and hair masks. Bath bombs are also a major plus. Other items to include are lotion, hot tea bags, and other bath salts. Bonus points for creativity if you make them a relaxing playlist on Spotify!

Monochrome Basket:

This basket could be the most diverse in terms of the types of items that go inside, however everything must be the same color (preferably the favorite color of the person who is receiving it. If you use yellow for example, everything put into the basket must be yellow. Yellow bath bombs, fuzzy socks, candy, drinks- as long as the packaging is yellow, it can go in the basket!