Cats in Bloom Celebrating The 1,000th Adoption

Founded in 2019, Cats in Bloom (CIB) has spent the past 4 years taking in stray, abandoned, or abused cats and kittens. CIB celebrates the adoption of their 1,000th cat this past month.

CIB is a nonprofit organization run by a team of volunteers who work with local shelters and foster families seeking forever homes for the felines. All cats and kittens receive vaccinations, and get spayed or neutered before being taken to CIB.

DiAnne Leonard, President and Co-founder of Cats in Bloom previously volunteered at various pet rescues with her three friends. The trio wanted to do something more and found that cats tend to be overlooked in rescues.

When 102 West Main Street went up for rent, these four friends decided to give their dream a try and provide a place for cats to be housed and socialized with the public. In 2019, Cats in Bloom opened and has been a success with the public.

Miranda Moser and her new feline family member.

Cats in Bloom receives visitors from Bloomsburg and surrounding areas. They welcome students to sit, socialize, and enjoy feline company while away from their home pets. Coal Township resident, Rebecca Bower, lost her feline friend not long ago. She was in Cats in Bloom looking to give a cat its forever home.

Bower chose to come to CIB because it is “more mellow compared to the SPCA… and the cats are more socialized.”

Bloomsburg resident and Bloomsburg University Alumni (’19)(’21), Miranda Moser, recently adopted a cat from CIB. She had a planned vacation after the adoption went through, and shares she felt confident knowing her cat is taken care of before she can welcome her home. She said, “Cats in Bloom is already a safe home for my cat.”

Currently, there are over 120 cats in foster care waiting to be housed in Cats in Bloom. There are only 30-35 spots in the cat cafe.

The longest resident, Rachel, is a sweet tuxedo cat patiently waiting for her future adopters. She is 2 years old and has been residing in CIB since August 2022.

Cats in Bloom is located at 102 West Main Street, Bloomsburg PA, 17815.

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