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Brain Implants: Is This The Future of Mental Health?

In the past year, medical researchers have been exploring what is known as deep brain stimulation (DBS). DBS are electrode stimulators that are inserted to different parts of the brain. This is done through a brain surgery. The electordes are controlled by a device similar to a pace maker. Wires travel down the body, under the skin, towards the chest, where the control device is housed.

The DBS is currently used for Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Tourettes, and OCD. There is research being conducted on the benefits of DBS for patients with Depression, Chronic Pain, Dementia, and a few other conditions.

The goal of the DBS is to decrease symptoms, not make them disappear. The device releases electrode to specific parts of the brain, helping block out the problematic electrodes. The device has shown benefitial data around the long term usage, for depression treatment. There is serious thought about the risk versus reward when it comes to recieving the implantation procedure, but this device could be the future for mental health assistance.

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