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A Stretch or a Reach: Time Travel and Camp Hero

Author’s note: Although this is a well-known location, most people do not know what to believe about the estranged base. I will leave it up to you!

Camp Hero—a run-down military base located in Montauk, N.Y.—was once thought to be a site where the government experimented on humans, abducted children, used mind control and even time traveled.

The location currently holds a state park and has been rumored to be the complete inspiration for the popular series, “Stanger Things.”

Check out some fan frenzy and fun information for the series, and Camp Hero:

The radar tower that resides at Camp Hero is said to turn every 12 seconds, and during its rotation animals freak out, humans get headaches and electronic devices go haywire.

Who is to say the tower’s frequencies were not used to help scientists tap into brainwaves and control children, ultimately turning them into super-soldiers without free will? They were known as the Montauk Boys.

There are many facts that this was once a military base aimed to protect from the Germans, but what lies underneath may never be revealed. That is, to say, if there is anything to reveal at all.

A few people have come forward revealing their repressed memories that have flooded back from their time decades ago working at the base. How much truth is held in those stories?

Although the truth may still be out there, we are only left with Camp Hero State Park, and a bunch of theories as to what really took place during that time.

Montauk’s Camp Hero base certainly holds some strange stories. Some can be validated, while others are left up to our imaginations.

What type of stuff do you think happened at Montauk? Did people really time travel? Did gruesome scientific experiments really take place? You tell me!