A Stretch or a Reach: Secret Societies Control the World

Author’s Note: There are many different powers at play in the world, but what if they consist of select groups of people who rule the world we currently reside in?

Many believe that the Illuminati is both a powerful and extremely ancient ruler of everything that we know today. Take for example their iconic symbol: the eye and the pyramid we know all too well from the face of the $1 bill. The Illuminati strove to disorganize religion to have a new form of illumination.

The Eye of Providence
Illuminati symbol on the $1 bill

Some of us have heard of the Freemasons, who are supposedly well-known for being the world’s oldest and largest fraternity and had a very prominent member—George Washington. Thirteen of the original 39 members of this society also signed the U.S. Constitution!

Look at some interesting societies that have been around for a lot longer than you may think:


The Order of Skull and Bones at Yale

One of my favorite societies comes from Yale. The name is very intriguing and started up because of an occult society. The Order of Skull and Bones just has a catchy ring to it. Members are chosen their senior year at this prestigious college and are sworn to secrecy.

Another interesting group of warriors, The Knights of Templar, pledged to a life of obedience, while maintaining free of gambling, alcohol and swearing. This group is not exactly a society; however, they did become one of the most powerful, wealthy, and moral groups in Europe.

In the end, we do not truly know if these societies are all they are made out to be. These are just conspiracy theories and it is up to the reader to believe or not to believe.

Tune in next time for some thoughts on time travel!