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A Soccer Team is Looking to Change Sports

The average NFL ticket price was 107.05 dollars in 2021. The average NBA ticket was 94 dollars in 2023. The average MLB ticket cost 36 dollars in 2022. Over Fifteen billion dollars was brought in from ticket sales in 2022, with this year already breaking Thirteen billion dollars. The pandemic showed how important ticket sales are for the financial stability of the leagues and their teams. A German Soccer team is looking to change sports by making tickets free.

Fortuna Düsseldorf looks to Change Sports

Fortuna Düsseldorf, a team in the second division of German soccer, has launched its new campaign “Fortuna For All.” The program seeks to put fans first by making admission to home games free. “Fortuna For All” will run a trial version of the program next season, with a couple of free games. The team will forgo over 8 million dollars in ticket sales. The program will be primarily funded by sponsors. The team has already found numerous sponsors, adding 45 million over the next five years.

CEO Alexander Jobst spoke about the program.“We want to open Fortuna Düsseldorf to our fans even more than before… We want to give something back, to open it to fans regardless of what their personal price barrier is. Let’s open it and see what is going to happen.” Jobst concluded. “We’re embarking on a journey together in which things can still change, which is also a good thing… “The club belongs to everyone who participates and contributes with passion. But we have a clear goal, a common idea, strong partners, and incredible fans.”

German Culture

German Soccer continues to put its fans first. The German Soccer Federation enacted the 50+1 clause. To compete as a professional team in Germany, supporters and members of the team must have a majority vote share on the team and its actions. This rule has kept the cost of games and concessions low. The average ticket price runs from 9 dollars to 20 dollars throughout the Bundesliga, with season ticket prices dropping that average below 9 dollars. Concessions are no different, the most expensive pint of beer in Germany costs around 4.74 dollars, lower than the cheapest($6.25) in the NFL.


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