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2024 with BUnow: What to Expect

Our team is beyond excited to enter this new year and semester with lots of plans, ideas, and fun for our audience. Our online multimedia outlet is dedicated to sharing the content produced by our staff, a group of hardworking college students striving to make an impact in the media world. 

Last year, we celebrated our 15th anniversary with a return of BUnow Magazine, held a celebration with current students and alumni, and promoted our feat all over! This year, we are striving to publish another magazine edition, but this year’s twist is to involve our audience as much as possible.

Spring Excitement

As we enter the new spring semester, our hard working student organization is excited to showcase our upcoming projects.

Our most exciting project of the semester will be our annual magazine, with the proud title this year being the “Best of Bloomsburg 2024”.

Coming up within the next month, there will be a week-long survey shared with our audience to vote on the BEST of Bloomsburg. Categories will range from topics such as “Best Pizza” to “Best Professor”, and plenty more to vote on.

It is your job as our audience to participate, vote on your favorite on & off campus businesses, and stay posted within BUnow for more fun. Within our magazine, we will then feature the “winners” that YOU deem the best in our survey.

We will send the survey out by next week where you will vote on all these categories for businesses & other locations in Bloomsburg:


  • Best Place to live On-Campus
  • Best Academic Building
  • Best Professor
  • Best place to work On-Campus
  • Best Overall On-Campus Dining Location
  • Best On-Campus Breakfast
  • Best On-Campus Lunch
  • Best On-Campus Dinner


  • Best Off-Campus Coffee Shop
  • Best Pizza
  • Best Spot for a Cheap Meal
  • Best Nail Salon
  • Best Lunch Menu
  • Best International Cuisine
  • Best Iced Coffee
  • Best Burger

Late Night:

  • Best Late Night Eats
  • Best In-Town Fried Food
  • Best Bar
  • Best Date Night Restaurant


  • Best Bloomsburg Sports Game to attend
  • Best Bar to Watch the Game

Once that survey is complete, it will be our mission to feature ALL the winners in our magazine! We are so excited to begin the first ever edition of the ‘Best of Bloomsburg’, and we hope to make this somewhat of a tradition.

Interested in advertising in our upcoming magazine? Contact for more information.