“Feast” Will Leave you Craving some Puppy Love

feastI hope you’re hungry because Disney’s new short, “Feast” is coming your way. Patrick Osborne, the head of animation for the Oscar award winning short, “Paperman”, directed it, and he had full reign over the short so we should expect greatness.

“Feast” is all kinds of delish, from a cute puppy named Winston to all of the food he eats along the way. The trailer will give you good vibes and keep your hearts full the entire time.

frenchfryIf an animated puppy eating doesn’t do it for you, the rest of the short will. It takes you on a journey of Winston’s owner’s love life, through Winston’s eyes. The short is set to play before every “Big Hero 6” starting Nov. 7.

“Big Hero 6” is another feel good movie staring a young boy, Hiro Hamda, and his loveable robot friend Baymax. They live in San Fransokyo, a futuristic world, and create a nerd superhero team to protect them from a mysterious super-villain!