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Worst Looks of the Emmys 2024

To start off 2024, there were the Emmy Awards where many stars and celebrities served a series of designer looks on the red carpet and stage. However, some looks did not serve as much as intended.

Issa Rae

This outfit stood out, but not in a particularly appealing way, in my opinion. She’s wearing a champagne Pamela Roland gown adorned with crystals and feathers, giving her an almost bird-like, winged  appearance. Check it out on Glamour.

Francesca Zocchi

Dressed in a dazzling purple shimmery v-neck dress with feathered sleeve ends, Francesca Zocchi posed hand on hip at the red carpet. The outfit was quite large and almost costume-like. It was not very flattering for her figure. Check it out on Canberra Daily.

Sophie Thatcher

Thatcher wore a green long-sleeve satin dress. It was not flashy in anyway, but it mores resembled a nightgown rather than a stunning, eye-catching red carpet dress. Check it out on Daily Mail.

Laverne Cox

Cox went with the classic black dress, but the texture was strange. The dressed looked wrinkled resembling a garbage bag rather than an iridescent black color. Check it out on Them.

Aubrey Plaza

This may be one of my least favorite looks of the Emmys, which is sad because I love Aubrey Plaza. Her dress resembled a pad of butter from the chest area shape to the creamy yellow color of the fabric. See more about it on InStyle.

Emma Brooks

Brooks outfit definitely fit her, but the look was still deceiving in a way to look like she needed to be skinnier. That was definitely not the case. The lining that looked like her body was a strange addition that did not flow with the white bottom.

Nick Mohammed

Nick Mohammed took an interesting twist to his outfit as he wore a soccer jersey under his suit. I just did not admire the look, but respected the dedication. Read more on People.

Alex Bortsein

This is a close runner-up for my least favorite look. There is just a lot going on and the dress is not cohesive. Where is the flow? There is just a lot going on.

These were the worst stylings of the 2024 Emmy Awards. In my opinion, this year’s award show had some of my least favorite red carpet outfits. What do you think of these unique outfits?



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