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The Perfect Lip Shade for You

Have you ever gone inside a store such as Sephora, Mac, or Ulta not knowing what color lip shade was the perfect match for your skin tone? This happens to plenty of fabulous girls, especially beginners who are trying on lip colors for the first time. I am such a huge fan of makeup, but my ultimate favorite cosmetics are lipsticks (matte or glossy finish). I am here to share with you the perfect shade for all skin tones at affordable prices! This can be a wide range of colors from nudes and pinks to reds and purples. Every tone from lightest to darkest deserves the perfect  lip. Here are some nice shades for light tone girls.

lip shades pink

If you are a light, fair, medium, and honey tone, these pink shades are great for you! Even a sexy red and dark burgundy for the fall season is perfect.

Note: Pinks are a subtle look for going out on dates and other special occasions.

Tip: To see what color shade works best for you, apply it on your lips, rather than your  hand. Why? Your hand and your lips are two different color shades.

nude shades

If you are a darker skin tone such as chocolate brown, these browns and rusty colors are great. Want to look natural or find something to wear on a daily basis? Check out some of these colors. The dark tone girls’ must haves are reds’ and purples’.

Tip: To make your lips more full and plump, draw your outer lip with a lip pencil close to the same shade as your lipstick.


Diva and Russian Red are incredible shades for brown and chocolate tone girls. All Fired Up and Relentlessly Red are colors that will pop for lighter shade girls.

Remember, you do not have to buy expensive lipsticks to achieve a flawless look. Check out these makeup brands below that sell many of the lip shades discussed in this article at an affordable price!







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